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Explainer videos, commercials, storytelling
End-To-End Video Production
We tell compelling stories, come up with killer ideas and create characters that viewers fall in love with.
We shoot commercials the way we would shoot movies. We engage the best directors, cameramen and actors.
Animation and effects
We can animate whatever we can't film: technologies and processes, breathtaking worlds and fantastic beasts.
Samvel Gevorgyan
Founder of Motion Ads
We liked that rare combination of flexibility and firmness. Being advertisers ourselves, we might not have been a dream customer. And guys patiently made all the edits while staying true to themselves: each time they managed to find a solution that could finally satisfy both parties.
Olga Timofeeva
COO at GamesBoost42
The Idealist team manages to combine two characteristics that are often seen as opposites: creative vision and structural approach, respect for deadlines. Together with a high level of product quality, it makes Idealist a reliable and comfortable partner with whom we have enjoyed working and we plan to continue our cooperation.
Anastasia Smirnova
Founder of Pijama Story
I want to thank the entire Idealist team for creating an amazing video for our brand. We were impressed by the way the crew dived deep into our product at the stage of the creative brief development. They analyzed the market and our competitors and learned what the problems and needs of our target audience were. They also did an ingenious job of organizing the shooting process: they found a stunning location, cast the actresses, put together a large team of professionals. The shooting itself was mapped out minutely and in detail. Thank you for your thoroughness and for the amendments made during post-production. I have not seen people practicing such an approach for a long time. The outcome was exactly what we expected, and we look forward to working with them again!
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